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DNet is designed for authorized ExxonMobil and Imperial Oil lubricant distributors in North America, Latin America, and Aviation business. This platform provides product information, marketing programs, brand-building and communications tools, training and other resources to support selling Mobil™ products.

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For US and Canada, email dnet@ourserviceworks.com or call 1-888-298-3387.
For Mexico and CCA, email MexicoLubes@contactexxonmobil.com.
For Aviation, email audrey.blake@exxonmobil.com.

“Be advised that currently there is an issue to receive the notification email when a new user register for DNet. The new user's registration form is not being received.

Once the new users complete and submit their registration through the link https://www.exxonmobildnet.com//login by clicking on the "Here" option. Please send a notification email to one of the share mailbox below advising that a new user completed the form and we can complete the process and send the DNet's credentials to the new users.”

For US & Canada: DistributorLubesNA@contactexxonmobil.com
For México: MexicoLubes@contactexxonmobil.com
For EMLT: laexportlubes@contactexxonmobil.com

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